• LWG-2014-BWS-01-03

      Stefany against Christina in a beach wrestling fight of 13 minutes. 2014, 720x405, MP4)

    • LWG-2014-BWS-01-01

      Wilmie against Stefany in a beach wrestling fight of 14 minutes. (2014, 720x405, MP4)

    • LWG-2013-LCS-01-01

      You enjoy the fight between CHRISTINA and STEFANY, two top models in real submission wrestling match. (14 minutes, 2013, 720x405, MP4)

    • LWG-2013-FCS-05-02

      This is an handicap fight, STEFANY, CECILIA and a GUEST against CHRISTINA for a 1 point challenge. (17 minutes, 2013, 720x405, MP4)

    • LWG-2013-FCS-03-05

      This is the second challenge between STEFANY and CHRISTINA, see this very competitive fight of 2 rounds of 5 minutes. (2013, 720x405, MP4)

    • LWG-2013-FCS-03-03

      This is the first match between CECILIA and STEFANY, but STEFANY will destroy her in only 1 round of 5 minutes. (2013, 720x405, MP4)

    • LWG-2013-FCS-02-05

      This time CHRISTINA challenges STEFANY in a 5 points submission wrestling match. Who will win between theses two girls? (26 minutes, 2013, 720x405, MP4)

    • LWG-2013-FCS-02-03

      This is the second free challenge between NIEVE and STEFANY, a rivalry emerges, competition is ont over between her. (16 minutes, 2013, 720x405, MP4)

    • LWG-2013-WOS-03-03

      STEFANY is ready for the match 03, against Yensi, of this series. This intergender submission wrestling will be very competitive. (14 minutes, 2013, 720x405, MP4)

    • LWG-2013-WOS-03-02

      STEFANY is the second girl disqualified of ARMIGERO and she will make a good submission match against Yensi. (20 minutes, 2013, 720x405, MP4)

    • LWG-2013-FCS-02-02

      STEFANY challenge NIEVE ia this girl wrestling match... and a new WAR will start between theses girls. (13 minutes, 2013, 720x405)

    • LWG-2013-BNB-01-06

      15:00 - This is the second replacement for STEFANY, she needs absolutely tired The BOSS before the last match. (20 minutes, 2013, 720x405, MP4)

    • LWG-2013-BNB-01-03

      10:00 STEFANY replaces her first match and will try to help her friend. (14 minutes, 2013, 720x405, MP4)

    • LWG-2013-WOS-02-14

      This is a bonus match between STEFANY and THE BOSS because he wins the WAR. But she will give a good match of 18 minutes. (2013, 720x405)

    • LWG-2013-WOS-02-10

      Girls need victory and STEFANY needs to place a crucifix on The BOSS to help the team. (10 minutes, 2013, 720x405)

    • LWG-2013-WOS-02-07

      Stefany will try to win against The BOSS in this third match of the day. (20 minutes, 2013, 720x405)

    • LWG-2013-FCS-02-01

      This is the rematch between Idalie and Stefany. This match can reserve a surprise. (18 minutes, 2013, 720x405)

    • LWG-2013-WAR-01-08

      STEFANY has a very good progression and now she will try to fight NIEVE. Will she resist to NIEVE in this match of 14 minutes. (2013, 720x405)

    • LWG-2013-WAR-01-07

      STEFANY challenges IDALIE after her defeat. This is the first challenge between theses girls after ARMIGERO. (9 minutes, 2013, 720x405)

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